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My Approach

As a practicing life coach and student counsellor at Rhodes Wellness College, my studies are rooted in creating a safe, empathetic, and non-judgmental space. 


Because I have had my own experience with anxiety and depression, I am passionate about working with women who feel like they've lost their sparkle and are seeking deeper life fullfillment. 


I deeply value the therapeutic relationship between client and coach and the practice of working together.

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My Self-Healing Journey

Understanding my mental health is a huge part of my healing journey.


It wasn't until I truly acknowledged that I struggled with anxiety and depression that I was able to ask for help. Between finding a team of counsellors, leaning on friends and family and feeling like I finally understood myself a little bit better... I started understanding the things I needed most to feel my best.


I really believe it takes a village and that we aren't meant to do it alone.

Outdoor Meditation

Emotions are Energy

In the realm of counselling,  it is recognized that emotions not just fleeting experiences of the mind but are dynamic energies that can be stored in the body.

When these emotions (both positive and challenging), are not fully expressed, they can manifest physically in our body and impact our well-being.

Therapeutic conversations allow us to slowly and with ease recognize and release stored emotions that could be holding us back or even be effecting our mental health. 

Community is Healing

As a student counsellor, I truly believe in the power of community and connection. Within this small growing community, we curate intimate gatherings such as therapeutic paint nights and group circle sharing nights to meet other awesome people.


If you are located in Vancouver, BC join us in celebrating and connecting at our upcoming community events by clicking here.

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